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The Institute of accounting aims to produce accounting experts with knowledge and skill of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) Accounting, and the managerial mindset of sustainability value.   The Institute also offers an undergraduate accounting program for students of the National Central University to select accounting as the second major discipline.  Students who complete the undergraduate accounting program will normally fulfill the requirement of the chief financial officer position of the listed firms in Taiwan stock exchanges.

The differentiating strategies of the Institute are as follows:

  1. The Institute integrates ERP accounting, financial accounting, and green accounting theories and practices, in order to synchronize with the trend of international accounting theories and practices.
  2. The Institute integrates cross-discipline faculty and offers accounting courses to educate and train students with responsibility and capability to confront with the new economic, societal, and environmental issues.
  3. The Institute sets up a Simulation Lab of ERP and Decision to provide students with a virtual internet learning platform.  Students may experience the value creation decision making using the ERP system in the real world.  Besides, the Institute provides students with an e-learning classroom for ERP Accounting module.  Students will gain the proficiency in ERP accounting practices as used in the benchmark firms.

 Study level: graduate